01. April 2014

Training camp Kenya

My team members Anna and Lisa Hahner told me a lot of Kenya, the mecca for runners. So now I am for the first time in Iten and I am as fascinated as them by the feeling and atmosphere. The first two weeks, their headcoach Renato Canova looked after their training, the last two weeks I am going to do this. But I will do it in an acitve way so that my watch will show me many running kilometers in the end of the training camp. 


17. February 2014

Thesis for motivation training

On the finish line of my trainer formation I finished my thesis. The 83pages remind me very much of my diploma thesis. The effort was similar. I am sure with the help of this my motivation training for athletes and managers is going to improve in structure and quality. But before this is going to happen I am going to take the aircraft to Kenya. I will definitely not find any motivation problems at my team members or at the Kenyans. This will give me time for my own training...


17. February 2014

Trainer formation group dynamics

The last part of the trainer formation to become a communication trainer had the main focus on group dynamics. There was a hint in the documents to take weather-proofed clothes with us. Luckily, this was not so necessary as the weather was pretty good. Nevertheless there were many experiences in the communicative limit range. I'm sure that the communication techniques I learned are going to help me as a trainer in my motivation trainings but also directly in the sportive competition.


Link to trainer formation

17. February 2014

Mental training the other way round

Mental training helps to improve your performance in long term or to show the performance you are able to. That applies to the job and to sports. These days there are many people who cannot motivate themselves as they are too exhausted. This exhaustion is called burnout. To get to know better this part of motivation I took part  at the workshop and passed successfully the exam to become a burnout sensor. Today I got the certificate.


17. February 2014

ISPO Munich

The ISPO is the biggest sports goods exposition of the world. The expo Munich presents many suppliers with sometimes really extraordinary products. For me it was an amazing experience to visit such an expo, especially as I could meet many people I know. And for sure I could step by at some sponsors and could see which products I can expect in future.


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