29. January 2014

4th place at the stair run in Hongkong

Today there was the second prize ceremony within one week without me. The 4th place in 12:41min was not enough for the podium and 36s slower than the winner Mark Bourne. In the following days I am going to give my body the rest he needs to collect strength for the next goals. To be at least a little bit happy I took some chocolate of the finish area. Chocolate instead of a gold medal. A sweet ending of the day.


29. January 2014

4th place at the stair run in Singapore

Legs good, weather good, resting pulse too high. These were the facts before the race. But you never know how much of the jet lag or how much of an infect is in your body and during a race everything can be completely different. And during the first 50 stories of the Swissotel I felt pretty good. But during the last 23 stories my body showed me that he is not able today to show his best performance. So I had to accept the victory of Mark Bourne (6:51min). In 7:24min I was 38s slower than my personal race record. 4th place after 1336 stairs and 226 altitude meters. So I was not allowed to take the last three steps of a competition, the  ones onto the podium. In Hongkong in one week the next stair run takes place. I hope there I can do better.  


29. January 2014

values for victories in risk managment

10 years Schleupen BU risk, 10 years stair running. These were the facts for my speech today at German biggest Software supplier in risk management. The BU risk and Gregor Fies invited clients all over Germany to Karlsruhe. The kick-off was my speech about victory values. Not only the four people running with me in the morning but also the others were motivated afterwards for their risk management workshops. A great morning in the Schleupen AG in Karlsruhe.


29. January 2014

10 years stair running

10 years and 43 victories ago I started at my first stair run in Vienna. On November 11th in 2003 at the Donauturm. Since then many things changed. Stair running became more popular and there are many races all over the world. So there are more and more runner who run up and try to push their limits. I am happy to be still after 10 years one of the very best and to be still healthy. That's all you can wish for.


29. January 2014

Trainer formation methodology/didactics

I am going to spend three intensive days at Team Connex. The second part of the trainer formation is about the construction and orchestration of modern trainings. Surely very interesting and with all the known people combined with fun.

Link to the Trainer formation

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