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Frank Elstner,
TV presenter and entertainer

I am an impassionate jogger but running up a skyscraper I could only pass Thomas by using the elevator. After he did not only win the Empire State Building Run Up but also the RunUp to the momentary highest skyscraper of the world, it was clear for me to invite him to my show „Menschen der Woche“(transl. “Personality of the Week”).

He was the fastest to run up Taipei 101. And in the show „Menschen der Woche“ he was the most agile and entertaining guest. His fresh and dynamic character inspired not only my audience but also myself and made him a wonderful guest. I am curious about his new records.

Yours faithfully, Frank Elstner


Barbara Schöneberger,
TV Presenter of the NDR Talkshow and Testimonial

Hello Thomas!

Thank you for having been such a great guest in my second show. Thanks to you this second show started good for me as an easy conversation at the beginning of a show makes a big difference. At your subject everybody got involved immediately because each one could imagine what you perform and was fascinated how this can be achieved. Thanks again and see you sometime.




Ross Antony,
Einmal im Leben

Hello Thomas!

The tower run in New York for the RTL show "Einmal im Leben" (transl. „Once in your life“) was a really exhausting experience. Fortunately with the advices and support you gave me it turned out to be only half as bad. It was quite a fun to run up the 56 levels of the Woolworth Building. Arriving on the top I received together with you the promised recompense: an amazing view over Manhattan. Good luck for your next projects and see you sometime




Ulrich Adrian,
ARD-Correspondent in New York

The interview with Thomas Dold was professional, funny and very entertaining. A really enjoyable exception and very seldom! It was great fun! I hope we will meet soon again and can do more stories together.

Keep well


Ostermann und Dani,
Moderatoren der Hit-Radio Antenne 1 Morgenshow

Dear Thomas,

We were really not surprised hearing that you finished first at the Empire State Building Run UP for the 4th time. Only a few days before you did already proof to the whole of Baden-Wuerttemberg that you are great at what you are doing. You were really faster than Osterman who took the elevator when you were running up the staircase of the 17 levels high Millennium Hotel of the SI-Centrum in Stuttgart. It was great fun doing that with you. You were spontaneous, funny and your power just fascinated us. Therefore we are really proud that we may call you a “Hit-Radio ANTENNE1-Super Swabian”. The next world record is certainly to come and then we are looking forward welcoming you at our radio station.

Ostermann, Dani und the morning crew
The funniest morning show in Baden-Wuerttemberg



Marcus Barsch,
Radio chat-show host for SWR 3

I have to admit, it was not really easy to get Thomas on the phone after his 3rd victory in New York. But after the phone rang 78 times he finally got out of the shower… Then it might be that after his 3rd victory he produced one or two endorphins more than usually but even when Bayern Munich won once again 4:0 Oliver Kahn was NEVER in such a good mood afterwards! The interview was not only professional but even also funny and very entertaining. Thanks and I hope that you got somewhere in N.Y. on your way to the airport your glass beer with coke and see you soon!



Barbara Lindemann,
Reporter at SAT.1 Weck Up

For the morning show “Weck Up” I take a chance: I shall run up 56 levels by foot – the fastest possible. My coach is nobody else but Thomas Dold, Champion of the staircases of this world. When I saw the Maintower with its impressive 200 meters in front of me, I felt a little queasy. But there was no way back. In the beginning it was quite easy… But not really that long. When reaching level 38 I seriously thought about changing to the elevator. But Thomas did not except any excuses and managed to motivate me to run up the last levels. And I really pushed myself hard. When reaching the platform I was amazed by the beautiful view and the incredible feeling of having met this challenge. The experience is unforgettable and the audience of Weck Up was having fun seeing how I fought the staircase.

See you soon Barbara


Bianca Seipp,
Radio Regenbogen chat-show host

Hello Thomas,

So much fun during an interview is really seldom to find! However I was very busy afterwards. During our conversation after your victory in New York we really couldn’t find an end talking – which finally meant: I had 30 minutes of material to be cut. And actually everything was funny and informative. I hope that after your next victory we have a little more time on air so that the listeners get to know you a little better. See you soon and that time maybe even face-to-face.



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